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Decentralized KYC

Experience identity verification that sidesteps central authorities. This decentralized approach enhances security, speeds up validation processes, and grants individuals control over their personal data. By reducing dependency on a single point of failure, it fosters a more resilient and transparent verification ecosystem.

Know Your Business

Streamline the complex task of onboarding companies remotely. Our KYB solution meticulously validates company documents and verifies the identities of ultimate beneficial owners. By combining these checks, we facilitate a seamless and secure process for corporate account creation, essentially offering a specialized version of our KYC services tailored for business needs.

Remote Customer Services

Effortlessly engage with your customers from anywhere in the world. Utilizing secure end-to-end P2P technology, our platform ensures a confidential and safe communication channel. The inclusion of integrated video functions, complete with recording capabilities, further enhances real-time, personalized interactions, thereby elevating customer experience to new heights.

Tokenized Digital Identity

Benefit from streamlined user identification through tokenized digital IDs. The system ensures easier verification processes and safeguards data with secure encryption. Additionally, tokenization allows for seamless and secure data sharing across multiple platforms without exposing sensitive information.

Virtual Audio Asistance

End of subtitles! Simple and easy to complete the verification process.
Virtual audio assistance, distinguished by its voice guidance approach, sets itself apart from all legacy competitors by providing users with intuitive MP4 voice messages. Users benefit from a more immersive experience, particularly those who prefer audio guidance over subtitled instructions. This approach significantly enhances accessibility, catering to diverse user needs. Moreover, the system facilitates a seamless digital onboarding process, making it exceptionally user-friendly. Its innovative voice guidance not only marks a departure from traditional interfaces but also ensures a smoother and more inclusive interaction for users navigating various digital tasks.

Voice of customers

OdeabankHead of Digital Services
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Odeabank's successful transaction rate has increased by 5 times. Since we started using EnQualify, our success rate has been above the ındustry overage.
ALJ Finance
ALJ Finance Chief Operation Officer
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For Digital Onboarding, we chose EnQualify with its infrastructure that is ready and compatible with the regulation, as well as its flexible and reliable application on the technology side. We would like to thank the Enqura team, whose strong staff and support we have always felt for us from the beginning to the end of the project.-
Ozan SuperApp CEO
Ozan SuperApp CEOOzan SuperApp CEO
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EnQualify is a new generation product that has proven itself with its strong references and unique technology and ooffering a better customer experience for end users. Thanks to a state of the art AI on Mobile technology with EnQualify’s high rate and fast verification. We will both improve customer experience and significantly increase our operational efficiency in our operations in United Kingdom.

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