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Elevate your security with EnQualify's AI-powered face verification
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Elevate your KYC verification process with EnQualify’s NIST-certified face recognition technology. Our AI utilizes facial photographs as reliable reference points, providing instant AI-powered ID verification and bolstering protection with sophisticated facial liveness detection to thwart fraudulent activities. Embrace the convenience of AI-based video identification for self-service onboarding, backed by WebRTC video support. Opt for EnQualify and fortify your business against prevalent cyber threats, including credential stuffing. Depend on us for efficient and secure real-time facial verification, enhancing user trust and reducing abandonment rates.

Experience swift customer authentication with our facial recognition tech—the smoother the process, the stronger the retention

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Streamlined Face Recognition for Enhanced KYC

Why integrate face verification into your KYC procedure? Because password dependency is outdated. EnQualify’s enhanced face recognition empowers individuals to quickly capture their ID card image. Our NIST-certified AI then uses the ID card’s facial photo as a unique marker, setting the stage for a secure verification process. The individual’s submission of a selfie enables a facial feature comparison, solidifying the authenticity of the ID holder with precision.

Proactive Real-Time ID Checks

Combat fraud actively with EnQualify’s real-time facial liveness detection, which analyzes micro-expressions using advanced computer vision algorithms. This method meticulously verifies authenticity by detecting subtle facial movements — blinking, smiling, or head turning — preventing spoofing attempts with static images or sophisticated masks. Achieve foolproof identification with proactive ID checks and stop 3D mask intrusions, video replays, and deepfakes within a swift 4-second analysis.

Autonomous AI-Assisted Video Identification

Offer your clients autonomous digital onboarding. EnQualify’s AI-assisted video identification simplifies the KYC journey, enabling customers to navigate onboarding and verification independently. Provide additional support with video or subtitled guidance within the KYC workflow, and offer personalized assistance via WebRTC video calls as needed, all while ensuring their account details remain secure.

Defending Against Credential Theft

With phishing attacks becoming increasingly sophisticated, it’s crucial to look beyond passwords. EnQualify’s face recognition nullifies password-related security risks, safeguarding transactions for banks and financial services, protecting e-commerce from CNP and chargeback frauds, and shielding the hospitality sector from potential identity theft.

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