Accelerating Trust Among Different Industries


EnQualify offers comprehensive online Identity Verification and AML Screening solutions to banks, fintech, and financial service providers in order to ensure secure client onboarding. Our AI-based technology empowers finance institutions to seamlessly onboard new customers with self-service ID and Face verification while simultaneously safeguarding each step through biometric authentication. By enabling secure digital document signing and deploying advanced fraud detection techniques, we filter potential incidents during the customer onboarding process, preventing any fraudulent transactions, payments, and activities before taking place. At the end of the day, we are proud of successful KYC and AML checks performed for Banks and payment systems worldwide to protect enterprises from financial crime and scams by integrating our effortless API.


Expand your business globally and elevate your online presence to new heights. Seamlessly incorporate KYC verification into your e-commerce platform, ushering in a user-friendly signup process and expedited checkout experience while simultaneously ensuring the utmost security and reducing instances of checkout abandonment. Our AI-driven ID authentication feature ensures that shoppers can promptly and safely register their accounts online without compromising their sensitive account information. Merchants will experience user engagement and conversions with the integration of biometrics, boasting an accuracy rate of 99% in under a minute. Boost your repeat customer rate with a friendly interface and streamlined onboarding steps, optimized for both desktop and mobile platforms.


For the purpose of upholding customer identity and data security rules, the Know Your Patient (KYP) solution seamlessly authenticates patient identities. By using multi-layered authentication, healthcare providers can be sure that their patients are who they say they are. Patients will take less than a minute to complete the self-check-in procedure using EnQualify’s user-friendly interface, and healthcare practitioners will be able to combat healthcare fraud by preventing medical identity theft via facial and ID verification. Now, it is time to verify patient identities quickly and accurately by snapping a photo of their ID, double-checking with our biometric authentication tools, and securing the authenticity of official documents with automated sign-up forms and digital document signatures.

Tourism and Hospitality

EnQualify automated identity verification is an innovative solution that caters to tech-savvy tourists and establishments operating in high-volume tourism and hospitality sectors. Our technology involves all stakeholders in the travel and tourism value chain, facilitating swift and secure access to the correct services for the correct visitors. By implementing AI-powered identity verification systems, travel agencies, and hotels can verify user identities, utilize biometric authentication, and prevent fraudulent activities such as credit card or identity theft. While EnQualify’s AI on mobile edge technology empowers you to effortlessly confirm tourist identification using Face Match, and KYC checks, it also enables guests to seamlessly breeze through airline booking, airport checkpoints, and hotel check-ins without cumbersome documentation.


Given the rising number of fraudulent SIM swaps, customers are increasingly seeking out telecom companies that demonstrate a commitment to robust online identity verification protocols. Fortunately, with the advent of biometric authentication, telecommunications industry can now offer a level of protection that goes beyond traditional SMS-based two-factor authentication. By leveraging EnQualify technology, service providers can effectively shield their clients from the perils of SIM swap fraud, bolstering customer onboarding rates and safeguarding online accounts against potential takeovers. Our AI-based ID verification system is ready to help telco companies customize the perfect onboarding workflow, enabling users to safely onboard from anywhere, at any time, with instant KYC verification.

Car Rental / Car Sharing

Car rental and car sharing are handy and cost-effective modes of transportation, but they also offer considerable hazards for both users and service providers. Fraudsters can hire or share cars using stolen or forged identification documents, resulting in financial losses and legal problems. As a result, e-KYC and id verification are critical in the car rental / car sharing industry. EnQualify is a leading technology that provides a quick, easy, and safe way to authenticate your customers’ identities. You may deliver a self-service KYC experience with EnQualify, allowing your clients to authenticate themselves without the requirement for a video call or a customer representative connection. EnQualify can also verify identities in practically any language with multi-language capability, making it a global solution for your business. EnQualify can help you prevent fraud, enhance trust, and comply with rules whether you are a car rental company or a car sharing platform. EnQualify is the ideal partner for all of your automobile rental and car sharing needs.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges & Brokerages

The crypto sector is experiencing unprecedented growth, but it also needs to comply with the regulatory and compliance standards of various jurisdictions. To prevent money laundering, fraud, and other illicit activities, crypto platforms need to implement robust KYC (know-your-customer) measures that meet the requirements of the U.S., Australia, the U.K., and other markets. EnQualify can help crypto platforms achieve this with its innovative e-KYC solution. EnQualify uses AI on mobile edge technology to perform identity, face, NFC verification, and liveness check in real-time. It enables customers to verify their identity and access crypto services in a fast, secure, and convenient way, without the need for video calls or human intervention. EnQualify is the ideal partner for the crypto sector, as it offers a cutting-edge technology that ensures regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction.

Social Services

The social services sector provides essential support and assistance to individuals and communities in need. However, delivering these services can be challenging, especially in times of crisis, when physical contact is limited or impossible. EnQualify can help social services providers overcome these challenges with its video calling infrastructure. EnQualify uses WebRTC based secure P2P Video to enable remote calls that are secure and uninterrupted from anywhere at any time. It also allows video identification, if required, to verify the identity of the service recipients and ensure compliance with e-KYC regulations. With EnQualify, social services providers can conduct secure video calls, enhance personalized interactions, and deliver exceptional customer support. EnQualify is the ideal partner for the social services sector, as it offers a reliable and convenient solution that meets the needs of both service providers and service recipients.

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