AI on Mobile Technology: The Future of Identity Verification

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Reach ultimate level of UX

Reach ultimate level of UX

Increase effectiveness of digital onboarding customer reach and encourage client conversion by our state of art AI on Mobile technology. The process of digital onboarding will be simplified and fastened by EnQualify’s unique technology and intuitive UX. You will be able to achieve higher customer onboarding rates, mitigate number of false positives, and prevent any user complaints due to lengthy and complex procedures.

Get most time and cost effective ID Verification product

Get most time and cost effective ID Verification product

EnQualify was built upon a 99% accurate, AI-driven document and effective face verification process, completing the authentication process in a matter of seconds. AI on Mobile technology lets you create a super scalable ID verification process without worrying about number of concurrent applicants and server site GPU (graphic processing Unit) investments.

Overcome compliance and security risks

Overcome compliance and security risks

EnQualify’s ID Verification system, crafted by a team of industry experts, offers a seamless solution to meet the strict requirements of KYC and AML compliance protocols. EnQualify ensures highest levels of security and compliance with GDPR standards, ISO 27001 NIST Face Verification Vendor Test to overcome security risks.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) with AI Enhancement

Transform physical documents into actionable data without the typical margin of error. Our OCR technology is supercharged with AI, meticulously reducing inaccuracies commonly found in text recognition. Multiple algorithms work in tandem to cross-verify the captured text, ensuring enhancement in data extraction.

Adaptive Near Field Communication (NFC) with Vibration Guidance

Experience seamless, secure transactions with our adaptive NFC technology. Regardless of device model, our Near Field Communication -enabled system provides tactile vibration cues to guide the user for optimal card placement. This built-in guidance ensures consistent and stable reading. Furthermore, our NFC is versatile enough to extract and interpret data from a wide array of chip types globally used, making it one of the most adaptable solutions on the market.

Face and Liveness Check

Embrace the AI-powered facial recognition technology, which boasts of an instantaneous and seamless matching process between a user’s face and their ID, thus fortifying your defense mechanism against impersonation and identity theft. With NIST-certified face recognition, you can verify that the person carrying the ID and making the transactions is the same one. EnQualify makes a liveness check via commands like smiling and blinking after performing similarity checks with the ID photo and current selfie. Now, it’s time to stop using credential stuffing and start using face biometrics for user authentication.

AI-based P2P Video Call Guidance

Introduce your customers to the option to register or sign up online, and when assistance is required, you can connect them to video guidance built on AI-based WebRTC video call infrastructure without jeopardizing their account information. Remember that these capabilities including voice and subtitle guidance are modular and adaptable, but if you think they are required, such as for verifying a digital signature and matching data obtained from public institutions, EnQualify may facilitate self-check-in via a P2P video conference led by a customer representative.

Digital Document Signing

Integrate EnQualify Digital Document Signing to enhance your business flow by enabling customers to affix their signatures onto various legal documents, contracts, etc. – all while contributing towards a paper-free workflow. EnQualify leverages advanced digital authentication methodologies, including a personal encryption key to verify electronic signatures that validate the identity of the signatory and preserve the authenticity of the signed document. Here, our AI algorithms evaluate the signature to ensure it aligns with all necessary security guidelines and corresponding company terms.

Verification Management Platform

Enjoy a one-stop verification management platform for your self-check-in or video check-in ID verification process. EnQualify’s Verification Management Platform has all the features you require to streamline your verification processes, including Decision & Management Center, Automatic/Controlled and Video Confirmation Options, Parametric Definitions, Video Call Center Management, Group/User Authorization, Call Reports, Agent Reports, Appointment System, and more. This platform provides specialized solutions to improve your customer onboarding and acquisition by giving access to your company employees in Super Admin, Supervisor, or Agent roles.

Android & IOS SDK/ White label application

EnQualify may be acquired as an SDK or as a white-label application that encompasses the integrated SDK for Android and IOS devices. In either scenario, instantaneous image and data processing is enacted on the mobile edge, devoid of any reliance on a central server. Hence, the white-label application can be customized and branded by businesses to suit their specific needs. You can rebrand it based on your business’s logo, color scheme, and other design elements to make it look like a custom-built app. So, save time and money on development costs while still offering a high-quality mobile experience to your customers.

Product Performance

Lightning-fast ID checks

Image processing and ID verification were achieved in less than 5 seconds. Motivate customers to proceed next step, use a liveness check and face verification to complete your onboarding within seconds, and enjoy the lightning-fast speed on your mobile device.

Highest Flexibility for Custom ID verifications

AI on Mobile technology ensures 100% independency from simultaneous active users while supporting 106 countries via our advanced ID check steps. While promising highest flexibility for custom ID verification, you will increase your customer onboarding statistics without any performance issues

Top-notch accuracy rate

EnQualify is promising up to a 99% accuracy rate for ID and Face Verification steps. Verify IDs, papers, and facial recognition all in one step with the top-notch accuracy guaranteed. Thus, quick and precise results will lower the rate of customer abandonment and improve conversions.

Increased Completion Rate

A smooth solution for onboarding people anywhere in the globe, with a completion rate of 92 % covering security questionnaires, personal information forms, and automated form filling to satisfy KYC and AML regulations.

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