Command the battleground against biometric fraud. EnQualify's liveness detection technology is your shield and sword

Rule the realm of registration with intelligence.
Deploy EnQualify's liveness detection and make fraud a relic of the past

Fortify your defenses with EnQualify’s cutting-edge liveness detection. Our arsenal is equipped with sophisticated face tracking and anti-spoofing measures to deploy, designed to integrate seamlessly into your fortress. We uphold the strictest privacy laws across territories, including GDPR and CCPA. High traffic is no siege on our performance; our intelligence technology for registration ensures rapid and robust video KYC and liveliness verifications.

Advance your KYC battlegrounds. EnQualify's liveness detection eradicates doubt and cements trust

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Active Liveness Analysis to Ensure Authenticity

Are you concerned about the security of your biometric data, such as fingerprints, facial features, and iris patterns that you rely upon daily for authentication? With EnQualify’s active liveness detection technology, you can rest assured that your biometrics are safe from potential spoofing attempts. Our robust system ensures that all biometric measurements originate from a live human source, ruling out the possibility of fraudulent access via authenticity analysis using fake biometric templates. Our AI-powered motion-based algorithm is equipped to scrutinize vital signs of life, such as blinking or head movement, before granting access. Plus, our dynamic prompts make the entire process inimitable, providing an impenetrable layer of protection.

Applicable to a Large Number of Users Simultaneously

Built upon the latest AI on Mobile Edge Technology, our platform eliminates the need for expensive GPU investments or server image processing requirements – which usually scares businesses when taking a step forward for a new technology. With no performance impediments due to large number of users simultaneously, you can perform video KYC and liveliness checks with ease. Hence,it is no more a dream to perform the ID verification process in a short period of 5 seconds, while face matching can be completed within 2.5 seconds. With seamless integration into your website or mobile app, EnQualify AI makes it easy and applicable for your users to complete self-check-ins without performance loss. No need to worry about scaling up your servers or sluggish verification processes.

Employ Latest Face Liveness Analysis as SDK Without Investment

Experience the pinnacle of technological innovation with Enqualify’s latest face liveness analysis feature, incorporating top-rated algorithms as lauded by NIST. Our solution boasts cutting-edge face tracking, unparalleled recognition of facial attributes, active anti-spoofing functionalities using state-of-the-art 2D/3D cameras, rigorous image quality assessment, 3D face landmark points, and seamless processing of image and video streams. EnQualify also offers detailed documentation & code samples for fast integration and technical support for SDK or white-label integration. You can benefit from different options to employ this investment for your business model and KYC workflow without any initial investment costs or R&D.

Aligned with Up-to-Date Regulations and Rules

While this technology enables the ulterior biometric verification of a subject’s identity by comparing the facial features during the live video face-to-face interview and seems like a gift from a sci-fi movie, it has to comply with different regulations to avoid misconduct, ethical concerns, and data breach. To stay aligned with up-to-date rules, EnQualify face recognition and liveness check comply with various privacy regulations around the globe including General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), CCPA, Know Your Customer (KYC), eIDAS, and Anti-Money Laundering (AML).

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