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Swift Verification Platform

EnQualify revolutionizes verification with a secure and nimble platform, tailored for both self-service and assisted video identification. Elevate your verification strategies with our suite, designed for agility, precision, and security in identity confirmation. Embrace EnQualify’s platform to meet your verification needs and enhance operational efficiency.

Verification Precision, Streamlined by EnQualify

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Decision and Management Center

Our platform offers a decision and management center that provides automatic, controlled, and video confirmation options. This feature allows you to customize and manage your verification processes to meet your specific needs.

Parametric Definitions and Flexible Process Management

EnQualify’s Verification Management Platform includes parametric definitions and flexible process management tools, giving you complete control over your verification processes. You can easily define and manage different call types, call ending reasons, and security questions to ensure maximum customization and flexibility.

Ready Data Model

Our platform includes a ready data model, enabling you to quickly add your business data and begin using our platform right away. This feature saves you time and effort in setting up your verification processes.

Video Call Center Management

EnQualify’s Verification Management Platform includes video call center management tools, providing real-time monitoring and management of video calls. This feature ensures that your verification processes are compliant and secure.

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